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FunFetti Frosting

Texture: Butter
 Volume: 8oz
 Scent: Vanilla Cake and Vanilla Buttercream
 Product Description: Funfetti Frosting is a slightly butter slime that is scented like yummy
“happy birthday vanilla cupcake” and “vanilla buttercream”. This slime has fun sprinkles and
colorful beads and is ready to be played with!
 Every Slime Nature order will ship with a Slime Care Guide detailing proper use of the slime.
It’s very likely that while in transit the slime can lose its consistency due to the nature of the weather.
In the event this happens the Slime Care Guide will instruct you on how to reactivate.
Products are likely to include scented oils, shaving creams, borax, etc…
*Make a conscious decision if you have allergens to any of the following products.*