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From Dior’s love for slime and natural business instincts comes Slime Nature! Dior began crafting her own secret recipe the moment she felt the jiggly squiggly sensation. She knew she could put her own signature on the market.


“I started my business because I always loved making slime and making money!” (Dior)


But Slime Nature isn’t just about the slime or the money, but the chance to connect with kids around the world. Dior wants to not only delight kids with her special line of products, but inspire them to be kind, smart, leaders and Kid-preneuers! The whole Slime Squad at Slime Nature desires the same. That is why Dior’s parents not only instilled in her the hunger to be a Kid-Boss but they encourage her to bring out the same in other kids. Dior will offer, Kid-preneuer coaching tips, slime tricks, and insight from her life as a kid today. With Slime Nature, you don’t just buy slime, you become a part of a movement, a culture. You’re invited to a place where kids rule!