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Is the slime sticky?

Slime Nature makes sure that our slime is fully activated before we ship out product to our friends. That being said, friends, we know that the temperatures of rooms (transporting) as well as seasons change which may result in your slime melting upon arrival or losing its original shape.


Is slime safe for children to use?
Why should kids/adults use slime?
How long does the slime last?
What is the best way to store slime?
Is slime edible?
Why is slime hard?
How to fix runny slime that has too much liquid?
What happens if you add too much activator?
How do I remove slime from my hair?




Slimes may contain any of the following ingredients listed below. If you feel as though you may be allergic to any of these ingredients, please do not use.

Ingredients Slime May Contain: Non toxic glue, lotion, borax, food coloring, air-dry modeling clay, pigment powder, glitter, and natural essential oils for fragrance.