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Attentiveness, Concentration, Focus

Attentiveness, Concentration, Focus
Slime promotes mindfulness. Playing with slime encourages kids to be present at the moment. There are so many distractions affecting a child and anything that may draw their attention away from it is godsent for parents. Moments that hold a person’s focus and consciousness are provided by the immersive sensory experience. Hence, slime gets to the heart of what mindfulness is all about: bringing awareness to sensory experiences in the present moment. In short, it’s a great way to give the mind a break, and for energetic young ones, it beats sitting still and counting breaths.
Another beneficial aspect of slime play is that it is relaxing. For kids, holding that nasty, gooey thing in their hands and playing with it is a very pleasant experience and can reduce stress and improve their mood. It is really a quick short-term alternative to provide relief. And who would have thought? Slime is a science! It introduces kids to different scientific concepts and a hands-on experience is the best tool for understanding. Whether a child is good at it or is still struggling, playing with slime helps in problem solving, demonstrates math and ratios and builds confidence through mastery. Allowing kids to learn and develop while letting them relax and become calm.

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