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Adults playing slime. Why not?

Adults playing slime. Why not?
In this new world we’re living in, people have been more stressed than ever. While slime is known for being a children's toy, adults can also benefit since playing with slime helps soothe any anxious or stressful thoughts. So, whether you’re struggling to cope with stress at work or facing any kind of depression and anxiety, slime can be very therapeutic even if you’re a grownup. Using your hands to squeeze the slime in your palms, releasing it by relaxing your fist and wrist muscles and doing it over again and over again directs focus and attention to the slime. – helping you think positively and distract you from negative thoughts and feelings, taking your mind off of things that stresses you out and brings a sense of calmness. Slime Nature advocates mental health awareness and provides products that aid in the improvement of everyone’s wellbeing. It is our honor and pleasure to be part of your journey even on rough times when your mental state is at a low. We find joy in our “slime time” and we hope you, too!
*statements not intended to replace physician advice. consult with your doctor for specific need

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